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Three qualities you should expect from every good barista. Choose from two different types of beans, always the right one for the perfect coffee. Enjoy the preparation of Italian and international coffee specialities according to the original recipes, with the ingredients added in the right order. And enjoy the fact that your CAFFEO Barista® remembers exactly how you - and up to four other people - prefer their coffee.

Thanks to optimised Bean Select, you can choose between two different bean types. After all, only the right type of bean makes coffee taste the way it should.

For authentic preparation using the ingredients in the right order according to the original Italian method, e.g. when preparing a Latte Macchiato, the espresso is not added until after the milk foam and milk while the espresso is added before the milk foam for a cappuccino. This guarantees the authentic pleasure offered by each of the 18 coffee variations.

The My Coffee Memory function saves the individual settings for all coffee variations and for up to 4 persons. Enabling the coffee strength (with and without pre-brew function), brewing temperature and individual quantity of coffee, milk, milk foam or hot water to be conveniently retrieved according to pre-programmed names.